What is Decorative Concrete Curbing?

Decoraive Landscape Curbing is a high-quality alternative to plastic or metal edging, that can enhance the curb appeal of your home and increase the perceived value of your property.

With multiple styles and colors to choose from, our trained professionals will transform your existing yard into a beautiful landscape, defined with hand-crafted, custom-curbing, setting you apart from your neighbors and turning heads at your beautifully developed property.

Mighty Curbing specializes in creating custom landscape curbing that is sure to last the elements and time while simultaneously bringing you a sense of pride for your home. The artisans of Mighty Curbing are trained and certified to use proven methods and offer premium Landscape Curbing for any budget.

Stop wanting and start having the landscape you always dreamed of. With our custom Santee River Stone designs, you are sure to want to spend more time at home enjoying your lawn and gardens.

A few Key Points to Remember

  • High-Quality Concrete Installation
  • Increases Perceived Value of Property
  • Installed in Every Climate throughout the U.S.
  • Multiple Colors & Styles to Customize Options
  • Can Act as a Root Barrier for Gardening
  • Perfect for Commercial & Residential Properties
  • Easy to Maintain after Curing Process Complete
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Property Border Option

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Curb Installation

Mighty Curbing offers top of the line curb design and installation, using the industries leading tools and techniques from the trusted brands. Be sure to stop by and check out our Gallery of curbing projects and see all the different options available, from traditional stamped curbing to our premier, signature Santee River Stone.

Curb Maintenance

From the rules of the first 48 hours to the re-coating requirements to preserve the color and look of your new curbing, Mighty Curbing always uses only the top of the line products to ensure the best quality curbing every time. We will talk you through all the important information to ensure a long beautiful life of your custom landscape curbing installation.

Sealing Pavers

Mighty Curbing is your best choice for your concrete sealing needs. Sealing concrete not only beautifies but it also protects against damage caused by weather, spilled oil and other contaminates that can cause unsightly problems that are expensive to remove. Let us provide you the security and protection that all your concrete installation needs.

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Decorative concrete curbing styles

Mighty Curbing is a family owned and operated business, under the care of both Valerie and Jonathan Abercrombie. We take pride in our craftsmanship and value our honesty and integrity in all that we do. As parents of three beautiful little girls, we understand the importance of time management with a hectic schedule.

We are both long-time residents of the Columbia, SC area and we take pride in our ability to bring even more beautification to our already endearing community. As owners of Mighty Gutters LLC, we have been given the privilege to meet our neighbors and provide excellent service to our township.

Our ever growing interest in adding to our artistic outlets as well as providing top quality service to our neighbors helped to blossom our interests in the Decorative Concrete Curbing  industry and all the benefits it can bring to both the health of the many landscapes across our town and the perceived value of each individual property.

As premier Curbing Installation experts, we promise to always bring our enthusiasm for custom landscape curbing to you offering you the top quality curbing with many colors and styles to choose from . We will transform your existing landscape with our custom designs and proficient installation practices.

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